Bramare Spanish Horses
B E A U T I F U L   F U N C T I O N A L   N O B L E
About us
We are a young stud farm located in Central Victoria, Australia, established in 2005. Our objective is to breed good hearted, sound, functional, honest, beautiful and noble horses. We aim always to adhere to the correct racial prototype of the Spanish horse; we like our Spanish horses to look and move like Spanish horses and are not influenced by the current trend of breeding tall horses that look and move more like warmbloods than Andalusians. Our mares have been sourced from breeders with many years experience and prestige; we have sought to import semen to use with them from the very best stallions Spain has to offer.
We like our horses to be baroque in type - strong, compact, and with the outstanding ability to collect so typical of the breed. Our horses are beautiful, as were their ancestors; they are brave and calm, and adapt well to any situation be it having a child in the saddle or performing at the highest level dressage.

"Bramare" comes from an old Italian word which means "to yearn or long for" - an emotion often evoked when seeing the beautiful Spanish horse!

Nick and Larissa Darragh
Bramare Spanish Horses

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