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AUREON LP (Limbo VI x Carla XIV)
Imported in utero
Bay PRE colt born April 2010

We are very pleased to announce that Aureon LP, bred by La Patriciana and recently sashed National Champion Spanish Entire at the Andalusian Nationals held in March 2013, has joined the team at Bramare. 

Aureon LP offers wonderful new bloodlines to Australia. His sire, Limbo VI, is a son of the only elite graded stallion in Spain, Ermitano III.  You can read more about this extremely important stallion here. On his dams side Aureon LP is a grandson of the black Calificado dressage stallion Carlo-Seni.

(Kefren x Altair VIII)

Grey PRE colt born 2012

This young colt is a combination of the best of his parents. He has a lovely head and front, good bone, great movement and a friendly, polite nature. We expect him to mature into a stunning, quality stallion of around 16hh. 



Bay PRE stallion - Calificado graded

KEFREN is an exceptional stallion with Señorio de Bariaín origins and is co-owned by the following breeders: Mr. Amador Alonso, Mr. J. Manuel Gutierrez, Mr Jaime Moreno, Mr. Alvaro Muguruza, Mr. Fidel Sáez, Ms. Almudena San Roman and the Santa Clara Stud.

KEFREN stands out for his unrivalled qualities for dressage, but at the same time maintaining the traditional characteristics of a PRE stallion. KEFREN is a dark bay horse, is 165cm tall, has very good bone,  and has a great presence and a well built structure. He has a magnificent character and an extraordinary will to work. KEFREN has also repeatedly proven his ability to transmit his genetic values onto his foals.

In the breeding seasons from 2000 to 2006, KEFREN has covered more than 110 PRE mares. His foals stand out for the great quality of their movements and their good character.

In 2004, KEFREN participated in the Spanish exam for PRE stallions (Tribunal de Reproductores Calificados) obtaining the title of Qualified PRE Stallion and achieving a great grade. In that same year, KEFREN successfully participated in a Level A Spanish National Competition in Valencia, securing the top position. In 2005, he participated in a similar competition in Segovia (Spain) achieving again the number 1 position with a qualification of 68%.

In 2005, Jan Bemelmans, the Spanish National Trainer, visited LOS ARCOS' stallions and pointed out the quality of KEFREN's movements. At the end of 2005, KEFREN was retired from competitions to focus entirely on reproduction activities.

NOTE: our mare, Altair VIII (imp) is currently in foal to Kefren and due in October. See the For Sale page for more information. We have further semen of Kefren set aside for use in upcoming breeding seasons.


Grey PRE stallion - Calficado graded

We feel very fortunate to have been able to obtain frozen semen from this amazing stallion (twice National Champion) just prior to his death. Photos of the beautiful Cardenas horses, including Clasico MAC, may be seen in many of the Robert Vavra books. The following information about Clasico MAC has been taken from the Top Iberian website (

Beautiful, very racial
Big movements
Noble character
Long shoulders

"Clásico-Mac" is a beautiful stallion with a strong presence. This dapple-grey horse of Cardenas has everything that one could ask for in a Purebred and not only aesthetically-speaking. He has thick, marvellous mane with a fine, old-fashioned face. But he is also very well formed. He has a good neck, four solid legs and a strong bone structure.

"Clasico-Mac" can also move. "Clasico-Mac" has three very correct gaits. His trot is ground covering and suspended.

"Clasico-Mac" has always been a leader in the herd of colts, he was always first. He came towards you so that you would pet him," says Miguel Angel de Cardenás. Riding him has been a delight says Juan Manuel Muñoz, the rider of the horse. The couple always obtained excellent results in functionality. "Clásico-Mac" has the typical disposition of a Pure Bred Spanish horse.

SIRE LINE: "Clásico-Mac" is high in kinship - the blood of "Bilbaino III" runs through his veins, not only by his mother, but also by his father. His father, "Gastador VIII," is a very important horse for breeding and another prize-winning example: in 1985 and 1991 he was the Absolute Champion of Spain. "Clasico-Mac" inherited the beauty of his father, and without a doubt, will pass it along.

DAMS LINE: "Clásico-Mac" is a very Pure Bred stallion from the Cardenas Studfarm. He is the son of "Lanzera V 1979", a mare who is the daughter of "Vasallo II" who D. Miguel Angel Cardenas acquired when he and his brother divided up the livestock after the death of their father. He liked "Lanzera V 1979" a lot and was not mistaken in his judgment of the horse, as "Lanzera V" has brought a lot of satisfaction to the studfarm. "Vasallo II" was Champion of Spain in 1972 and Champion of Champions in 1978.

Clasico MAC has 114 registered offspring, including one of the very few Calificado graded mares in Spain, Ilusa MAC. We hope that our colt, Valeroso B, grows up tall and proud like his father.

NOTE: We are honoured to have brought this prestigious blood line to Australia. Sadly the quality of the frozen semen was fairly poor and Valeroso B, a good young stallion now owned by Anchorbar Andalusians in Queensland, is the only foal we have managed to achieve. We have two precious straws left and hope to employ the technique of "sperm injection" in the future to gain further Clasico MAC foals.